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Our customers always rely on us when it comes to securing their businesses and property. Our 24/7 surveillance and security systems work around the clock providing peace of mind and vigilance for our customers.

…The equipment has been professionally installed with minimal impact…The professional approach of th installation team meant…the end result has been reliable and effective.                    

Gucci Group Security Manager

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The constant evolution of industry standards, both European and world-wide, demands higher levels of detection, integrity and reliability.

From basic audible only systems to intricate high security remote signalling installations employing latest technological advances in detection and monitoring equipment, Technica Systems can meet the most exacting insurance assessor requirements with ease of use.

Problems with other installers’ systems can be eradicated and installations brought up to current standards, including DD243:2004, culminating in insurance approvaland reinstatement of Police response.


Rapidly changing technology makes CCTV an important part of security as well as a powerful management tool.

From simple static camera installations to integrated PC-controlled systems incorporating fully-functional pan, tilt and zoom dome cameras, Technica Systems can design and install a CCTV camera system to meet any solution from inception to commissioning.

Local or remote networked viewing of live and recorded incidents enable users to maintain visual contact with numerous sites.


Free movement of staff and public within commercial premises presents security and health and safety problems.  These can be addressed with well-designed access control installations, whether single door or PC-based multiple entry systems.

Proximity card/biometric readers enable quick and easy access to controlled areas with time, date and card-holder audit trails.  It also provides fire control records in the event of emergency.

Integrated with CCTV, security or gate/barrier equipment and operating in parallel with time and attendance system providers, access control can provide a total management solution.


Changes in European legislation dictate that fire alarms are a mandatory requirement in public and commercial buildings.Installation of all types of system from basic manual to automatic and large addressable systems which pinpoint the exact fire source, cover the whole spectrum of health
and safety and insurance requirements.


It is becoming increasingly important to control vehicle and pedestrian access to the environs of domestic and commercial premises.

Barrier automation plays a vital role in this context, and integrated with door entry, CCTV and access control systems complete all-round site protection.


Technica Systems has a long-established track record on the installation of reliable audio/video door entry systems.

In the present climate of increasing crime trends it is more important than ever to identify callers before doors are opened. 

Applied to domestic or commercial life, these provide an important adjustment to total security.

They also enable staff or home owners to allow remote controlled access to premises.


Perimeter security has become a paramount requirement not only on large commercial sites but also on larger domestic properties.

These systems can take the form of external infra-red beams and/or detectors or specialised fence or ground protection.

Linked with other forms of electronic security equipment it provides another line of defence against criminal intrusion.


Whether the issues of protection are the family jewels or confidential records, a safe can provide additional physical security.

Latest digital safes make for ease of use and will meet all insurance requirements.

Where the safekeeping of IT and company records is required, Technica Systems can supply fire-rated cabinets to supplement existing protection.

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